Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition - the Glow Concept

BNW created the Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition, recognising the global trend for limited editions and customisations, primarily driven by a widespread feeling that society has become so depersonalised. Two distinctive collections were created: SENSE and SENSITIVITY. The Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition "Sensitivity" reflects our premium materials and effects through new created cigarettes brands: Carbon, Black Crystal, Cut, Future, Urushi, Bespoke, Bullion, Glow, 3D, Code, Kaleidoscope and Reflections.

BNW achieved the unique pack appearance by usage of phosphorescent ink, applied in several options: highlighting details such as outlines our panels of our iconic octagon or writing words and/or images that get visible when lit by artificial lighting – i.e. in darker surroundings – when exposed to a light source beforehand.

Our communication strategy was based on an energetic and intriguing invitation to our target audience to rethink the experiences around them, to take a new look at the icons that surround them. The whole concept centred around the target audience’s perception of reality – things may not be they look like / experience is not what you have seen, but what you believe to have seen. This opened sophisticated possibilities for image and wordplay in a stunning campaign and activation, engaging our target audience in mind games, riddles, interesting, smart yet entertaining approaches. We used augmented reality computer based interactive activation techniques.

Branding Start-Up Sprint Packs 2021/22

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