Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition - the Forma Concept

BNW created the Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition, recognising the global trend for limited editions and customisations, primarily driven by a widespread feeling that society has become so depersonalised. Two distinctive collections were created: SENSE and SENSITIVITY. The Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition "Sense” reflects our unique deluxe experience and culture through new created cigarettes brands: Magnetism, Today, Handmade, Metamorphosis, Icons, Symphony, Art, Forma and Director.

The Davidoff Forma concept features close crops of iconic architectural styles/materials by leading global masters. All those features are not “copyrightable” by those architects, as we will never show their names/brands or images of whole recognizable buildings added to them. Embossing and varnish will ensure minuscule 3D effects to follow angles and depths of detail pictured, while the unique pack materialization mimics the building material itself – concrete, metal, glass… The pack is not only an optical treat, but a unique touch and feel representation of the image.

Our goal was to make customers to express their sophisticated taste and style by holding a limited edition pack of the best possible contemporary examples of excellence and enjoy its perfect shapes, indulge in the timeless beauty of architectural forms that top today’s global hierarchy of style and self-confidence.

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Hidden Sound by Dezeen, UK

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Hidden Sound

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