Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition - the Art Concept

BNW created the Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition, recognising the global trend for limited editions and customisations, primarily driven by a widespread feeling that society has become so depersonalised. Two distinctive collections were created: SENSE and SENSITIVITY. The Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition "Sense” reflects our unique deluxe experience and culture through new created cigarettes brands: Magnetism, Today, Handmade, Metamorphosis, Icons, Symphony, Art, Forma and Director.

The unique feature achieved with phosphorescent ink and different varnishes allows the image on pack to “disappear” in artificial light conditions, while the neon light appear to glow! The design theme is the neon art installation by Dan Flavin.

BNW's communication strategy was to engage our target audience on basis of all kinds of optical arts and illusions: introducing art themes such as light. Art looks and sounds great, speaks about self-realization and post-materialism, and our communication and activation should epitomize the easyness of style and the enjoyment of selfrealisation.