Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition - the Cut Concept

BNW created the Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition, recognising the global trend for limited editions and customisations, primarily driven by a widespread feeling that society has become so depersonalised. Two distinctive collections were created: SENSE and SENSITIVITY. The Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition "Sensitivity" reflects our premium materials and effects through new created cigarettes brands: Carbon, Black Crystal, Cut, Future, Urushi, Bespoke, Bullion, Glow, 3D, Code, Kaleidoscope and Reflections.

BNW Cut concept features laser cut-outs on the packaging. The consumer is invited to discover all layers and coats of a pack in a most imaginative style. The ultimate production trick might be to achieve slight alterations with each product run, making the limited edition series even more exclusive and limited. Our example was Gaetano Pesce’s plastic jewellery collection. We suggested one constant feature: colour – preferably black and / or white, to help concentrate on the essence – the pack deconstruction.

Davidoff Cut is the invitation to the world of individual, meticulously crafted artifacts of contemporary design. Each piece is unique, while each personalization retains the full equity of the original Davidoff DNA.


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