Davidoff Cigarettes - Davidoff ID Concept

Davidoff Black & White is the future of luxury smoking and the contemporary super premium flagship of the Davidoff brand. BNW invited the global superstar designer Ora-Ito to design these powerful and exclusive Davidoff B&W packs with his minimalist style. As next step in the brand's development BNW created the ultimate personalisation tool - a “bespoke” premium cigarettes service and product, with the consumers name on the pack, and an experience ritual to match it. They stand out by how they look and feel, and by how they act. BNW created Davidoff ID to move even one step above this category, and deliver a unique on to one personalisation experience.

Davidoff ID is an extension offer to the already exclusive Davidoff B&W luxury product, aimed to the most high-end customers. Davidoff ID is a product and an experience in one - a sophisticated tobacco tasting experience used as a tool to contact and maintain relationship with VIPs and celebrities. The idea was based on the fact that Davidoff is the only global brand that can credibly offer a “bespoke” premium cigarettes service and product, based on its legendary heritage, quality and expertise.

Available only to the select few tobacco connoisseurs around the world, you select your own cigarettes through a process of sensory exploration and deliberation, resulting in the ultimately personalized smoking luxury. Because luxury lies not only in the riches. It is where the ordinary ends and the inimitable begins. It is not for everyone. It requires abundant resources, style, and a certain attitude that makes it positively, identifiably your own. 

BNW created a unique naming, pack and quote that immediately signal the exclusivity of the offer. We developed a clear distribution strategy for the markets and carefully profiled selection process for VIPs, supervising global PR in the same time in order to ensure visibility in targeted media and create the aspirational ultra-premium hype. The personal delivery concept is based on developing cutting edge artefacts and services around the experience itself.

The concept puts Davidoff Cigarettes in the company of global premium brands offering customized luxury items for a few selected individuals. With Davidoff ID, Davidoff Cigarettes steps in front of the competition in the cigarette industry.