Davidoff Cigarettes - Dream:Design Concept

BNW created a global brand experience platform with a simple prize draw mechanism, featuring a unique content with luxury prizes, on the main topic – design, based on the partnership between Ora Ito and Davidoff Cigarettes.

A selection of Ito’s designs is exhibited in chronological order, from virtual to real, following the development of his career. The exhibition culminates in the Black & White packs and Davidoff's Avid collection. The exhibition ends on an aspirational note with the Ora Ito prototype cigarette for Davidoff. 

Visitors could discover the Davidoff and Ora-Ito partnership by experiencing Ito’s design history, from virtual designer maverick to an internationally-renown designer, employed by some of the world’s most premium brands with an emphasise on his designs for Davidoff Cigarettes. 


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