Hoffman La Roche Eastern Europe and Russia

BNW was commissioned to assist the leading Swiss pharma company Hoffman La Roche focus on a new positive energy in several key East-European markets, aligning it with their business plans and maximizing especially their Russian market potential.

Hofmann La Roche approached BNW to examine the position of the Roche corporate brand among its key internal and external stakeholders and the media, and to apply the global Roche corporate brand identity correctly on several EE markets, with emphasis on the Russian market. BNW closely analysed Hofmann La Roche's global corporate brand positioning and developed an apropriate program for translating these guidelines into a seamless Roche experience.

In the process, BNW conducted the adaptaion and rebranding of almost all key Roche healthcare products, focusing especially in detailed elaboration of all communciation materials and branding for more than ten pharmeceuticals in the Oncology sector, supporting the biggest growth rate of any foreign pharma company in Russia, and also creating and launching campaigns for succesful OTC products like Xenical.

As part of the new branding implementation program, BNW conducted comprehensive management coaching sessions focused on adoption and understanding of Roche's mission and vision, core corporate values, distinctiveness and vision of future. To guarantee an objective picture, interviews with external stakeholders sought to examine how the Roche corporate brand is being recognised and perceived, what are key values and attributes associated with the Roche brand and the general quality of information regarding Roche – as received by key external stakeholders. These findings were coupled with extensive media coverage analysis of 2,800 print media publications and a comprehensive visual audit of Roche corporate brand ID use (over 500 artefacts).