GenDream CoreGen Collection

BNW was commissioned to design GenDream's CoreGen Collection, consisting of essential nutritional supplements for general well being. Health is your most valuable asset. The GenDream CoreGen Collection provides core ingredients to support your overall health and well being.

The experienced nutraceuticals target audience knows these products well by name, and is using them daily as part of their nutritional supplement regime for fitness and wellbeing, and the imagery reflects these values.

CoreGen Collection illustrations are simplified and reduced to label fringes as a result of space constraints (absence of box packaging). As opposed to other collection packs, they are focused on the pure bottle appearance, thus clearly underlining the base, or CORE, offer of this collection within the whole GenDream nutritional supplements range.

The shelf impact is logically smaller than the other GenDream collections, but the premium illustrations and design used on the bottle labels are of equal standing, packing a strong punch of style and disruption into the standard category shelf for nutritional supplements in pharmacies, and especially in websales and electronic and web-sale or electronic and web presentations. The orientation is still strongly vertical, which is the ultimate shelf impact goal.

The labels for the entire CoreGen Collection were the first ones to be designed from all bottle-labels of the entire GenDream nutritional supplements range in order to ensure maximum impact, visibility, legibility and clarity of GenDream’s overall brand message, even when left without the brand-message support provided by outer box packaging. A self-sufficient and memorable appearance of the single bottle without outer packaging is crucial for GenDream’s e-commerce business. To achieve this, specific changes and amendments to the box design have been made, such as chart positions and size of lettering for legibility, position of illustrations for unobstructed information, and most notably, change of typography color for product names to striking, bold, deep black lettering, as opposed to luxury silver lettering for boxes.

A smooth silver gradient was introduced along the label bottom, to further associate to the luxury appearance of the silver color as base color of all GenDream boxes. Thus, the identity of CoreGen Collection products successfully replicates the unique brand message and design from larger cardboard boxes of other collections.

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