BNW was commissioned to brand the Bells association, a non-profit NGO advocating that Western Balkan countries, as future members of the EU community, implement sustainable development standards. Bells promotes partnership among all sectors through common mission to strengthen Western Balkans as a region of great opportunities.

Bells mission is to be the leader of sustainable development in the countries of the Western Balkans. Through various initiatives, actions and education it enables citizens of Western Balkans to fulfil their right to a healthy environment and better economic and social standards.

Members of the Bells association are members of Western Balkans parliaments, representatives of the civic and business sector, government officials and representatives of different ministries, local government representatives, media representatives and active citizens.

As the campaign identity needed to be clear and simple, creativity and innovation were mailnly shown through the usage of our developed brand device.

The association's full name “Balkan Environmental Life Leadership Standard” was an integral part of the campaign's narrative. It had to be always readable and visible.

The letter “E”, the initial of the most important word in the full campaign name - ENVIRONMENT - was highlighted. The letter was emphasized in a sophisticated way.

BNW created and implemented a campaign narrative of “Uvaženi ambasador životne sredine” (Honorable Environmental Ambassador) for all regional markets. The closest translation of the Serbian word ’’uvaženi’’, would be the English word ’’honorable’’. A person that is considered ’’uvaženi’’ is regarded to be good, proper and respected by the society. The word ’’uvaženi’’ is used when a person is addressed directly accentuating our respect and admiration towards that person – either for their merits or for their accomplishments.

This adjective is meaningful and it is comprehended in the same manner throughout the region. Most importantly, it is not a title and it does not make any discrimination in terms of gender, education, religion, job position or financial status. 

Our aim was to get the target audience interested to become part of the project. We raised the decision maker’s awareness on the importance of sustainable development and the awareness on the role of sustainable development in faster integration with the EU. 

The Bells' new visual identity was communicated through all tools: brochures, advertisements, proprietary logo and typography, promo-tools and a new website.