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BNW created RACE-CAP's brand books to take the audience step by step through all components that make up the RACE-CAP brand. The Brand Assets chapter contains RACE-CAP’s brand components ready for use by our communication custodians. RACE-CAP is developing a 360-degree ecosystem, consisting of products and services designed to complement each other. RACE-CAP products and services are branded and connected as one integrated platform.

RACE-CAP is bringing the freedom, speed, and security of blockchain-based money management to 99% of the world – not just the tech savvy 1% – giving everyone a chance to participate confidently and independently in the new global economy. By focussing on the user experience with such broad functionality, RACE-CAP will emerge as the “Apple of the payments industry” with a product that simply works. Digital brands worldwide have created a new set of communication rules and consumer expectations. We follow new digital marketing trends in defining marketing strategy in RACE-CAP Brand Insight section.

We defined RACE-CAP’s disruption strategy.

Our target audience is no longer described by traditional categories such as age, gender, geography, cultural and income demographics, but by one new division - Living a banked or unbanked lifestyle. More than that, participating in the global digital economy or not.

RACE-CAP is not simply offering another digital wallet. In reality, it’s offering another lifestyle. 

RACE-CAP is the first financial and technology brand on the global market communicating this, consequently erasing the industry’s standard border between money and technology, between digital and life-style, between payment /transaction functions and design, between innovative high-tech and ease of usage, between being smart and living better. Before RACE-CAP, you always had to choose one or the other.

RACE-CAP presents the industry paradigm shift: It offers BOTH.

RACE-CAP’s proposition is cosmopolitan, modern, clear, open and inviting, accessible and easy to understand, appealing and inspirational, unlike 99% of digital currency products. Not because the founders of RACE-CAP are enforcing such a development by themselves, but rather because they carefully analyzed the actual needs of consumers. Worldwide, consumers of financial solutions today demand such a new proposition.

They already live such lives, in which the borders between being smart and living better, every day, are erased.

They want to #JOINTHERACE and #LIVEFREELY after winning this race.

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