Brand Strategy

Connect the business strategy with innovative brand stories / Interlink organizations, product or service attributes with compelling brand stories that build relations with the demanding consumer / Merge the business strategy with the brand strategy

Understanding this step is vital to a project's success. Brands across the world are discovering that their overall strategic and verbal approach is what glues them together and drives who and what they really are. Identify your brand’s farthest-reaching business goal: its Ambition. Stretching into the long term this ambition should be simple, challenging, compelling — and underpinned by clear KPIs. The resulting ambition will command commitment, demand measurement, and stand powerfully as an act of leadership.

Our Brand Strategy service consists of:

Brand Strategy - How to put a statement "why we are here" at the core of a brand; The six key questions that our brand model has to answer, How to turn boring old 'brand values' into powerful and usable tools; How narrative and strategy are intertwined; How we can begin to broaden out our brand model;

Narrative / Bridging the Gap - The key conundrums faced when merging narrative and design; How narrative sometimes follows the design stage; How studying brand architecture models informs both strategy and design; How to create names that work for 21st- century branding; How the blur between narrative and design can help - and not hinder - the process