RACE-CAP Website

BNW created a lead-generation website for RACE-CAP, which is the most important communication part of the “owned media” digital marketing strategy, and functions as seamless entry into the world of the Money Apps both in design, style and narrative.

The design of the website pages is based on a modular grid structure with separate folds, coded in Java with an easily manageable content system, so that RACE-CAP’s marketing can plug in, play and change the order and content of each fold as desired, without any help of coders. The process is fast and efficient, to correspond with fast paced business changes, with maximum responsive flexibility for any screen size built in PC, tablet and various sizes of smartphones, for both iOS and Android.


The RACE-CAP website applications are the central dashboard for both inexperienced users as well as professionals. Using RACE-CAP’s proprietary multimodal wallet technologies, users can transition from working with the mobile applications to the webbased wallet tools with no loss of fidelity.

With the RACE-CASH App, private keys remain completely secure in a non-custodial manner, but can be accessed via the App or web solution without transferring them manually. Reports can be run from any tool to provide an overview of the transactions performed, transfers pending, portfolio accounts, invoicing and much more.

Just like the brand itself, our choice of imagery is bold, confident and distinct. Beyond image choices, the choice of the compositions is focused on the belief in putting the audience first.



App UX design and software development RACE-PAY App by RACE-CAP


App UX design and software development RACE-CASH App by RACE-CAP

GenDream Website

Website design and software development GenDream Website