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BNW created RACE-CAP's brand books to take the audience step by step through all components that make up the RACE-CAP brand. Starting with the BRAND UNIVERSE chapter, explaining the background and motivations for RACE-CAP to enter the marketplace.

A brand is a beautiful thing. Enormously powerful. Enormously fragile. It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of brand consistency. Countless studies prove consistency increases awareness and helps cement an emotional connection to a brand. The more singleminded we are, the more powerful the RACE-CAP brand will be.

RACE-CAP is led by successful entrepreneurs backed by first class experts. It is managed by a seasoned, professional, value-driven and highly committed international team from 10+ nations in six key global hubs. In this book we explain why is Switzerland global base of the company and how we designed Swiss identity base. 

The company simplifies everyday use of blockchain technologies and focuses on safety, performance and functionality. 

• Application and Eco-System: Convenient access to many features of blockchain via smartphone - management of digital and traditional currencies, e-bills, social and media services, investment and trading services.

• Data Center: Sale of hash rate power and hosting of servers for third parties.

RACE-CAP presents the paradigm shift answer to two key global problems: scalability, storage and service provision for future global data demand and payment, banking and private wealth management for private consumers worldwide.

This brand book offers both guidelines and inspirational content.

RACE-CAP offers the first truly disruptive digital currency Apps in the global marketplace, going beyond the prevailing blockchain propositions, in both product concept and communication. RACE-CAP's proprietary product comes in form of two Money Apps, covering two distinct consumer needs, both free to download:



Currently, no other Apps that offer all this exist on the global market. 

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