BNW designed and coded RACE-CASH, RACE-CAP's private Money App containing a non-custodial digital wallet for sending and receiving popular digital currencies like cash, complete with in-App messaging and a news service. RACE-CASH is developed for both MacOS and Android users, available on Apple and Googles stores.

The RACE-CASH App is designed to be intuitive for anyone to use without prior deeper crypto-wallets knowledge, while offering deeper functionality to advanced users. It is very fast, friendly, private and secure. Money can be transferred for free in seconds. 

All RACE-CAP Money Apps design applications follow our recognizable “Branded House” style, while adhering to respective media standards. We emphasize in particular the prominent use of our signature typography style with font sizes larger than usual for similar apps, to create a clear distinction, as well as using our signature colours, cards, canvases and icons.

The Money App’s primary and secondary colours, and their variants, help create a colour theme that is harmonious, ensures a legible text, and distinguishes BNW's UI elements and surfaces from one another. Our primary colours represent RACE-CAP’s corporate brand identity and style, while the primary variants of colours support them and create an important background.

RACE-CAP Money Apps’ unique buttons allow users to take actions and make choices with a single tap. The buttons reflect closely our unique Money App design and our simple UX and UI handling.

An ownable, unique App design always needs a little something extra. For the RACE-CAP™ Money Apps we developed this design thinking all the way down to the most miniscule graphic elements, defining every possible aspect of the user's screen experience.


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