RACE-CAP Brand Guidelines

BNW created RACE-CAP's brand books to take its stakeholders step by step through all components that make up the RACE-CAP brand. RACE-CAP Brand Guidelines sections contain all necessary information for strategic planning and execution, but is also intended as an inspirational guide for developing communication ideas.

The RACE-CAP identity needed to accurately portray the dynamism and ground-breaking approach of the company. The result is a unique, cohesive brand direction, rolled out across internal and external communications, acting as a distinctive visual world for the brand to inhabit.

This strategic foundation called for a new visual identity system. The design expression is based around a simple, yet powerful idea: using blocks, bits and grids derived from the perception of blockchain as the core asset.

A Bit develops to a Block, a Block to a Grid, a Grid to a System. Carefully Designed for Freedom. Bringing Blockchain to Life.

The core element - the BIT - in the form of a digital square, is used as the basis of the entire brand expression. RACE-CAP’s core building blocks grow in front of our eyes, and develop at the same pace as our business concept: first we design App cards, then data centers connected via network systems, and then the environment around us, changing and reshaping the everyday lifestyle of our users.

RACE-CAP pursues a sophisticated brand mark strategy: to balance the Swiss cross identity with the letter E in the name, apply it almost invisibly, and thus opts against a unidimensional Swiss identification for a more international, universal digital association.

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so are the best transformative qualities of the logo: like a rare Persian rug made of silk, if you look from one side you see the Swiss cross, and then suddenly, from another perspective, you see the letter E. The RACE-CAP mark symbolizes an innovative e-business rooted in Swiss integrity and heritage.

A complete set of RACE-CAP icons has been developed, for each of its consumer/business-facing components.

Our design care extends all the way down to the Website and App buttons, balanced for legibility with a distinct contemporary feel.

Just like the brand itself, our choice of imagery is bold, confident and distinct. Space is used to focus on the subject and leave room for text.

Our art direction style focuses on the mindset we share with the users: we see the world as it could be and work to make this a reality. Beyond image choices, the choice of the compositions is focused on the belief in putting the audience first.


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