Roxanich First Roses Collection

The Roxanich selection of 20 strictly organic wine labels, that ranges from crisp whites to honeysuckle rosés, to long aged and macerated whites, orange as well as deep, dark and rich reds, is too plentiful to be experienced at once. Celebrating the experimental styles the Roxanich brand is so famous for, Brand New World has divided the wines into three distinctive collections for easier coordination: PHILOSOPHY, SORELLE and FIRST ROSES.

These enigmatic ranges have been brought to life with beautifully painted ornaments by Petra Rozanic, the artist in the family, with bespoke die-cut elements featuring Motovun hill’s isohypses, and a bold minimalist aesthetic. 

Petra’s sophisticated iconography depicts the wine-making essence of the nature surrounding and influencing the Roxanich wines, enriching the often-monochromatic world of wine with the expressiveness of color coding, sending a strong message about the explosion of taste that awaits wine lovers inside each Roxanich bottle.

The “First Roses” collection is made of Roxanich’s arguably entry level wines - whites, reds and rosés - vinified in neutral tanks. A diverse selection encompasses beautifully light wines and the more complex range of short macerated whites. If you are yet to discover the exciting world of aged white and orange wines, the Roxanich First Roses range is an indulgent and comprehensive entry point.