Roxanich Identity

Inspired by biodynamic philosophy and history of innovation, Brand New World has embarked on the challenging one and a half year adventure to align the new identity, design, labels, websites, narrative and 360 degrees communication of the brand, with the outstanding quality of the wines themselves, the stunning architectural masterpiece of the Winery and Design Hotel by Idis Turato, and more than anything, the sheer beauty and the quality of the people creating the magic of the Roxanich brand, day in and day out, spearheaded by the Rožanić family itself.

A new logo and typography, hand rendered with strong inter-war modernistic influences, were needed to act as contemporary wordmark, successfully connecting the new Roxanich architecture with new Roxanich wines, respectful of its glorious past - placed in strong correlation with the old family logo and coat of arms originating from Venice in the 13th century.  And being again so uniquely and authentic Roxanich, we combined it with Lara Roxanich’s own interpretation of the old family logos’ letter “R” from the 13th century, as found on her arm’s tattoo, to create a distinctive new brand monogram.

As the coronation of the labels’ design, the historic heritage building of Roxanich’s “cantina communale” dating back from 1902, so carefully renovated and brought to new life with love and care by Roxanich, was elevated into its deserved status - as main icon on Mladen Rozanić‘s own signatory “Philosophy ” range - more or less in same fashion as every respectable French domain celebrates its chateaux on the label.

Next a new color palette was conceived, informed by our painstaking analysis of what worked so great and unique in the new Roxanich architecture experience, the bold usage of brass, the rich Venetian red, ochre, aubergine, violet, brown and light green and blue hues, which finally lead us to the royal Roxanich blue - the signatory color of the brand - and in the same time the iconic color of “blue” Istria, in its eternal duo-tonality with green.

As Brand New World worked to develop a future-focused strategy for Roxanich, this royal blue deserved as special treatment, a special placement, a special purpose. Again, it was found in the Roxanich winemaking and business philosophy itself, being arguably the one natural wine producer most closely taste wise associated with the grand classical wines from the Bourgogne, Bordeaux and Toscana. So, a special “container “for the signatory Roxanich “blue” was devised - the blue cordon - and the precise angle of the cordon pays homage to Idis Turato’s ingenious architecture of ramps, encircling the new Roxanich winery.