Davidoff Design Hotels Partnership

Based on the Davidoff Cigarettes rejuvenation program, BNW created another integrated branding concept, modular and accessible, featuring the Design Hotels™ content and based on mutual support and promotion, with the help of which we owned an easily understandable and mass-appealing high-end design topic ahead of all global tobacco competition.

Davidoff Cigarettes has chosen to approach the Design Hotels™ group for it signifies the pinnacle in modern architecture, interior design and decoration, the lifestyle it offers and most important for it s members are located in one of the design-Meccas of modern world, chosen by us a perfect setting for Davidoff Cigarettes’ “Destination:Design” travel program. 

Davidoff Cigarettes and Design Hotels™ enjoyed a unique opportunity to exploit an overlapping market segment through contextual and visual association of the two compatible brands. Davidoff Cigarettes’ offer is based around the established position as the undisputed leader for contemporary luxe design in the tobacco market.

The first HoReCa representatives deciding to participate in the “Destination:Design” program were be featured in the premier edition distributed worldwide. 

The proposition is carried through several design-based programs such as design partnership with Ora Ito, resulting in the renown Avid Collection for HoReCa.




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