Digital Marketing and App UI/UX Portfolio

Team Performance provides Advertising Media Planning for all marketing channels available on the world wide web. They provide a full range of digital marketing services from initial research, strategic planning to final campaign execution, followed by reporting and post-buy marketing and business analysis where applicable.


Google Premier Partner Since 10 Years

Google Ads

• More than 500 global clients

• More than 5,000 worldwide campaigns

• SEM, GDN, YT, GSP campaigns

• Branding and performance campaigns

• Smart Display campaigns

• Shopping campaigns

• Experiment campaign

Google Analytics

A powerful tool for effective advertising and the best user experience

• Creating a GA account and generating code for the site

• Setting basic E-commerce and Enhanced E-commerce GA

• Tracking item (goals, events)

• Creating segments

• Creating a Data Layer

• Grouping a channel or content

• Creating custom alerts

• Linking GA with Google Ads account

• Creating audience lists for remarketing campaigns in Google Ads

Google Tag Manager

• Development of GTM implementation strategy

• Planning Funnel for Google Analytics

• Planning Funnel for Facebook

• Creating GTM and generating a GTM tracking code

• Setting up Google Analytics tracking code in GTM

• Setting up tracking of Facebook pixel code in GTM

• Creating GTM Tags and integrate with Google Analytics and Facebook

• Funnel tracking

• Installing heat maps (Lucky Orange, Crazy egg)

Google Maps

Google My Bussines

· Experience in creating, organizing and maintaining Google My Business account for more than fifty clients across multiple industries.

· Integrating Google My Business with other Google products: Google Maps, Google Ads and Google Merchant Center.

· Working with complex-network retailers for Google My Business (350+ locations)

SEO & Websites

· Ten years of experience put us at the forefront of SEO service delivery.

· Quality Search Engine Optimisation requires having developers and content creators always working with SEO in mind.

· Service comes with Excellent Project Management, bridging the gaps between business, marketing, and software developers.


Mobile App Development

"With the number of smartphone users expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2019, the usage of mobile apps is sure to skyrocket in the coming years too. As per a market research study, the app economy will be worth 6.3 trillion by 2021."

Stages of mobile app development

Answering the following questions upfront will go a long way in ensuring the success of your app development project.


Discovery and Market Research

• Objectives

• Target Audiences


• Platform selection

• Competitor Analysis

• Development Timeframe

App design UI/UX

UX is the overall experience a user has with the product, and UI is the things the user will actually interact with and see, two crucial factors that determine the success of any mobile application.

• Architecture and Workflows

• Wireframes

• Style Guides

• Mockups

• Prototypes

App development

The actual realization and coding of your app. This stage includes multiple activities, mainly split into these three stages:

• Back-end/Server Technology

• APIs

• Mobile App Front-end

App Testing & QA

Testing lets you know the quality of the app and gives an idea about how good or bad the app is. The testing phase may overlap with the development stage in many ways and this depends on the way the development is planned and executed. The testing phase is completed when all problems and bugs are resolved and the app is approved for launch by the client/project manager.

App Launch/Deployment

Launch stage marks the beginning of the market phase of the app. This could require the deployment of the backend before the app can be published in the app stores for downloads. Optionally, we can do a soft-launch with a selected group of people/ internal team or publish in the app stores as a beta version for early user feedback.

• App Store submission

App Support & Marketing

App success is dependent on the marketing strategy you implement. Most of the successful apps follow a robust promotional plan, we're ready to supply all the know-how and execution for this stage. The app is now on the market and it needs to be taken care of. Huge Media offers app support.


Social Media Strategy, Content Creation and Management


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