Roxanich Campaigns

The first ad campaign for Roxanich Wine is informed by Mladen Rozanic’s personal philosophy, who, as avant-garde, disruptive winemaker, tries to awaken the perception of wine, understanding it as nature intended it. Brand New World mirrored this philosophy with an equally disruptive campaign, featuring ads with claims such as “Freedom by Nature” and “Wine Awakening”, mixing overarching avant-garde typography with product shots and moodboards from Roxanich’s own Istrian surroundings, subtly juxtaposed with Petra Rozanic’s stunning art.

The claim “Freedom by Nature” is the essence of everything Roxanich stands for in front of customers and partners. Based both on Roxanich’s own strictly natural winemaking practices, as well as the personal beliefs that winemaker Mladen Rozanic and his six daughters, the eponymous Sorelle, are building the whole family business on, the claim “Freedom by Nature” is more than just the sum of its parts. It’s a strong philosophical statement inspired both by Rudolf Steiner’s teachings about nature and personal freedom, as well as an authentic, intimate historical background the Roxanich family brings with them, with their ancient Venetian heritage from the 1200’s.