Serbian Ministry of Finance - Tax Payment Campaign

BNW was commissioned by the Serbian Finance Ministry to create a striking brand identity and campaign for a nation-wide action introducing and popularizing the payment of taxes. We've done away with all classical forms of Government communication and created a disruptive campaign based on strong, ownable hand rendered identity with white typographic messages on striking red background.

Strong typography, color and symbolism from billboards down to folders, have been created to awaken the Serbian audience to the question of taxes.

Taxes were never an issue before, so we had to find a striking, memorable narrative and graphic language, easily understandable to make citizen start thinking like taxpayers.

BNW “Tax Payment” identity became the condition sine qua non in all Serbian public communication regarding state finances, and our work is the main non-business branding example shown in Wally Olins‘ seminal book ON BRAND, featured under the title THE FUTURE OF BRANDING. Cheers Wally.