Inteco Russian Avant - Garde

Inteco is a major Russian real estate developer from Moscow. To present its new concept of multi-functional complexes comprising residential, office, retails and leisure spaces on a global stage, BNW developed the idea of “Russian Avantgarde ReDEFINED” as a platform integrating architecture, design, event and communication for MIPIM and ExpoReal.

BNW developed the creative and strategic process of building Inteco's image on the global stage. Amidst the turbulence of daily market necessities and sales prerogatives, BNW successfully managed to conceptualise, develop, and finally, express the image of Inteco in a clear and consistent voice, to a wide, important and diverse audience.

Inteco's ‘Fusion Parks’ concept became a powerful tool for the elading global real estate fairs, synonymous with innovation and creativity, which is why we named it "Russian Avantgarde", as a narrative arch to the most innovative and creative period of Russian art.

Beside the first built Fusion Park in the center of Moscow, Russia, Inteco further developed Orange Park, New Tone Park, Champion Park, Cosmo Park, Aero Park, Moscow Park and Trinity Tower as part of this conceptual idea.

The Orange Park project is the ultimate example of the innovative Inteco Park concept. Care for people’s comfort, the harmony of their material and spiritual needs and environment are an important motivation for implementing architectural technologies. Residential apartments, hotel rooms and a museum on several levels located in the mixed-use development building. The characteristic shape of this contemporary building expresses a glowing orange, cut into slices, intrinsically rotated and brought into movement. The naming strategy tried to capture this momentum. Constantly searching for new ideas, Inteco experimented with architectural forms and original images for development. Within the framework of one of the most promising trends in modern achitecture – “bionic” – the Orange Park had been created by the outstanding British architect Lord Norman Foster, on basis of an conceptual idea developed and guided by Inteco. The Orange Park identity clearly depicts the momentum of orange slices in motion, reflecting the high-tech membrane of the building.

The NewTone Park complex is located at important crossroads that link the historical center of the capital with the Moscow city business center and the most prestigious residential areas, elite suburban villages and the national and international airports. That particular area is well known for its historic apple trees park. The area is a landmark in the topography of Moscow, so it was only logical that the naming was planned following an association with the famous scientist Newton and his apple.

The Champion Park identity accentuates the characteristically towering architectural elements, set in classic Olympic colours. The impactful slogan “The Oasis Of Records” serves as direct reminder of Olympic values, as well as historical and topographical characteristics of the complex.

The Cosmo Park business center was designed by “BRT-RUS” architects, in cooperation with the famous German architectural bureau “BRT Architekten” from Hamburg. This cooperation resulted in a visionary project with unusual arrangements of dome-like buildings, incorporated into a “cosmic” architectural ensemble. Additionally, the strong tradition of Russian space exploration inspired a bold naming strategy equivalent to its architecture.

The Aero Park multipurpose complex is located on a historical spot in Moscow with National aviation and astronautics museum placed at the center of the residential complex. It was only fitting to adopt a similarly simple but strong naming strategy, of combining the two key characteristics as a newly coined name: AERO and PARK. The Aero Park identity presents a symbollic shape of an aircraft wing, while retaining the reconizeable silhouette of the actual building design.

The Moscow Park business centre in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, is the place where the name of the Russian capital is crowning international partnership between the two countries. The Moscow Park identity represents the stylishly visualized shape of the building with colours corresponding the lighting sheme at night.

The multi-purpose complex Trinity Tower, positioned at one of the highest spots in Moscow, gives a memorable landscape view of the city to its residents. With its unusual architectural form, exquisite functionality and green zones, this complex is represented as a contemporary breathtaking and original brand, both visually and by its name. The Trinity Tower identity depicts the basic three-star shape, as well as an intriguing insight into the illumination effects of the construction.