Autoville Museum

BNW developed the entire branding for the Autoville Museum, Russia’s most advanced automotive museum and features Russia’s largest collection of unique automobiles from private collections. Autoville is conceived as a showcase of the latest developments in philanthropy, urban planning, design, and classic car concepts. The permanent collection includes more than 60 authentic exhibition items. The museum is supported by a private club of enthusiasts and collectors of retro automobiles and concept cars.

The three audiences: The museum itself, the loyalty of its vistors and the support of its Club members.

We realized that a museum concept like this deserves a cutting-edge identity consequently applied through-the-line. The identity had to fully support all planned museum programs, while in the same time communicating the museum’s mission and vision, and broadcasting its message wide beyond Moscow and Russia, to an international level.

The identity appeal needed to be equally impressive to the simple visitor, as much as beloved by the core target audience of club members and retro cars professionals. This dualism presented a unique challenge, answered by a fusion-like identity approach that mirrored the innovative building- and museums-concept itself. As integral part of the museum all aspects of design were developed and executed with the utmost care, so that the original fusion idea gets accross in all of its physical iterations.

The visual interpretation, the usage of colours and typography all together speak the same visual language – the fusion of art deco and hi-tech elements.

The proposed identity is very strong, with a visible contrast, clean shapes and highly balanced shades. It reflects a futuristic approach and a strong visionary idea of creating a new design and identity that will stay modern and intriguing forever. A clear graphical approach and a neutral yet very modern background, reflect the strength and luxury of historic, priceless masterpieces exhibited in the museum.