Autoville Museum Brand Book

BNW was commissioned to complete a comprehensive brand book as part of the Autoville Museum branding in Moscow - Russia’s most advanced automotive museum - featuring Russia’s largest collection of unique automobiles from private collections. The Autoville Museum brand book was created for a wide range of Autoville stakeholders: own management, partners, marketing agencies, designers, strategic and business planners, architects, printers and others, including a wider local market, all of which would be linked closely with the Autoville’s business operations.

This brand book takes the stakeholders step by step through components that make up Autoville brand. It ranges from the detailing Brand Insight section that reveals where the roots lie and who the consumer is, as well as Key Assets and Strategy for further development. The following section - Brand Philosophy - defines core brand values, personality and brand essence. Brand Identity is introducing the Autoville identity with the use of the logo and signature device, to the colour palette, and the use of imagery. Finally, the last section - Brand Communication - presents stationary, brand advertising standards and promotional items design, as well as web site design guidelines.

A museum with a brand has more than a good name - it has an image, mission and personality. BNW’s aim was to establish Autoville as a worldwide cultural and edutainment phenomena. Autoville presents the development of mankind and the society: its technical, technological, style, design and fashion progress through an interactive exhibit of mobile pieces of art – the classic car collection. This kind of car collection represents the top of the hand made excellence developed by man through the history.

The key to understanding the specifics of destination branding is accepting the intangible deliverables as the final outcome of this process. In this brand book BNW highlights that Autoville Museum identity is important, but museum branding is more than its logo. It is the fantastic chain of interactions between the museum and the visitor.

This brand book defines the Autoville brand as a composition of five sub-brands. Three of them, Autoville – The Club, Autoville – Moscow Kids Center and Moskvich Restaurant, are the first level sub-brands because they are more independent. Due to its purpose, the Volga Café and the Chaika Shop present the second level of Autoville sub-brands.