Manuel Amaral Netto

High-tech design and high-quality workmanship, perfect marble, fine woods and legendary Portuguese corks form the essence of the Swiss premiere on the eve of Art Basel / Design Miami 2018. The Mise-En-Scène of the 40 square meter Zürich salon is arranged with works such as Alpinina by Jasper Morrison; Hipódromo, Eclipse 02 and Secção by Miguel Vieira Baptista; Large Vessel and Tall Vessel by Michael Anastassiades; Cork Kit by Amanda Levete; Cork Bench by Naoto Fukasawa; Bísaro, Pata Negra and Vase with Roots by Fernando Brízio and many more … A treat for true collectors and design lovers. The Spout by Manuel Amaral Netto was presented at the BNW Salon in Zürich.


The Spout fruit-bowl rises from an observation of particular existing elements in slip-cast ceramic pieces such as handles and spouts. Such elements exist to add functionality to the object in matter. The Spout shuffles these same elements in search of alternative uses allied with a strong visual composition. By placing the pouring spout low in the fruit-bowl’s base it allows to easily rinse fruit before presenting or serving it. This added functionality rests at your table beautifully and silently until it strikes your friends curiosity.

  • Type Bowl
  • Date 2017/2018
  • Dimensions 240 x 240 x 150 mm
  • Weight 1 Kg
  • Material Glazed Porcelain
  • Edition Standard

This exhibition presents pieces that were mainly created through projects commissioned by experimentadesign: pieces integrating the latest “First Stone” programme (2016 – 2017), the “Metamorphosis” project presented at the EXD’13 Biennale or even the project “Efeito D” for the EXD’09 Biennale. The exhibition integrates also pieces of independent projects created by designers constituting the pool of Lisbon Gallery Design & Architecture.

Working with some of the most relevant Portuguese and international protagonists within the field of design and architecture, Lisbon Gallery presents pieces that manifest a strong component of research and innovation. Most of the selected works were produced in Portugal, or turned out as a result of exploring other industries. All the pieces are commercialized in limited series or standard editions.New forms of working with materials were born during the design process of these pieces, creating new logics and representations. The preference over natural and organic materials or with a certain weight and history, projects in itself an identifying characteristic of the Lisbon Gallery: its investment in the area of sustainability.

Having its pieces travelling once more to international territory, the Lisbon Gallery gets a step closer to the international approach it has been claiming, as a way to disseminate its content and to promote the design mostly made in Portugal.

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