Strala is Presence - by Tom Strala

BDW produced a cutting egde contemporary Swiss design exhibition: Strala is Presence - by the Zürcher Tom Strala. Independent from ephemeral trends and narrowing norms, Tom Strala realizes unique collections. Today, Strala's studio is recognized as a pioneer in examining the present values and developing new ones. His objects d’art are known and appreciated both as sophisticated and timeless pieces 
of art, as well as objects of function. When different worlds collide, frictional forces arise and eventually converge. Strala’s objets d’art emerge out of these dynamic energies, where thoughts are whether black nor white, but absolutely unbiased. His art aims to materialize this present moment experience, when in a fraction of a moment we gain a glimpse of insight into the pure, non-labeling nature of just being.

Tom Strala (born Thomas Michael Schmid) was born 1974 in Zürich. He finished his architecture studies at the ETH in 2001 with the award „Erich Degen Reise-stipendium“ (travel stipend). Since 2002 Tom Strala successfully leads his own studio based in Zürich‘s Seefeld.

In 2006 his series of TMS- lights was awarded with „Europe‘s Luminaire of the Year”. In the next years several exhibitions in renowned museums, galleries, and universalities followed – juries and lectureships like at the CCA (California College of the Arts), San Francisco USA.