Philosykos - Smokva Bay

Overlooking the untouched shoreline of Smokva Bay, Philosykos is planned to become the first private, gated community in Montenegro, nestled between the medieval towns of Rezevici and Perazica Do, just up the coast from historic Sveti Stefan. A sophisticated, design-forward resort and residential estate seamlessly integrated into the natural environment along one of the last remaining expanses of pristine Adriatic coast, BNW's branding focused the narrative on world-class architecture, an array of luxury amenities and facilities, and unparalleled attention to detail. The Adriatic’s most highly anticipated luxury coastal development, Smokva Bay offers early stakeholders an exquisite investment opportunity.

The new Philosykos / Smokva Bay identity is comprised of patterns, textures, colours, fonts and structures. We were inspired by the color violet, figs, lavender; the sunset, gold, champaign; grey stones, blue seas, clear skies; lush, green and bordeaux colors. 

BNW communicated the new visual identity of Smokva Bay through all tools: brochures, advertisements, proprietary logo and typography, promo-tools and a new website. We designed a luxurious investor brochure for the promotion of the future Philosykos community at key globl real estate trade shows, fairs, exhibitions and conferences. We emphasized Philosykos' cutting-edge concept and presented Montenegro as most desireable global investment destination.

Alongside of creating the new brand, we proposed the engagement of a renowned architect, believing that the best developments are conceived from the inside out. Thus BNW commissioned the award-winning Studio Urquiola to design the Philosykos project. Renowned for her elegant simplicity, named ‘Designer of the Year’ by prestige publications from Wallpaper to ELLE, Patricia Urquiola’s concept for Philosykos is centred on open space, natural light, a strong colour palette and natural materials that blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

BNW curated the premium content for Philosykos created by two of the 21st century’s most innovative creatives, the architect Patricia Urquiola and the famous Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov, proposing a private community elevated by superb cuisine, leisure, cultural, sports and wellness facilities. Brought to life by prominent tastemakers who are reshaping the global lifestyle experience with elegant, environmentally conscious design with a high-tech infrastructure, nestled into an incomparable coastal setting - the trully last paradise of the Medditeranean.