Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition - the Today Concept

BNW created the Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition, recognising the global trend for limited editions and customisations, primarily driven by a widespread feeling that society has become so depersonalised. Two distinctive collections were created: SENSE and SENSITIVITY. The Davidoff Cigarettes Essentials Limited Edition "Sense” reflects our unique deluxe experience and culture through new created cigarettes brands: Magnetism, Today, Handmade, Metamorphosis, Icons, Symphony, Art, Forma and Director.

The thermo-ink property of the packaging design allows seemingly “invisible” design features to appear on pack when introduced to temperature, usually by the touch of the consumer's hands. As holding a pack in your palm is the natural way of handling a pack, this happens quite often, illustrated with one or several carefully connected statements and imagery. The pack background must be dark, while the displayed thermo messages show best as lighter colour features.

BNW's communication emphasized a general good-life feeling of our consumers, with copy possibilities based on invitation and engagement. Activation topics and mechanisms were following this engagement opportunity, establishing immediate good communication with our target audience. “How are you today?” – as a honest and true essence of our concept - couldn’t be beaten in efficacy.

We have moved to new premises!

Brand New World Salon We have moved to new premises!

Hidden Sound by Dezeen, UK

BNW Press Coverage Hidden Sound by Dezeen, UK

Hidden Sound

Brand New World Salon Presents Hidden Sound