Project Ice Tramp - The MV Togo Expedition Yacht

The MV Togo is a 102ft /31m motor yacht, custom built in 1965 by the legendary Dunston Shipyard, last refitted in 2018. Originally built as a North Sea trawler she was converted into a Lloyd's safety vessel in the 1980s, than into a crusing Yacht by means of an extensive refit in 2012, and finally upgraded to a North Pole expedition yacht in its present form in 2018, by New York's experienced Ice Tramp team from Cape Race fame.

Ice Tramp supports both luxury maritime expeditions for private clients, and dedicated, professional scientific research in polar regions. The New York company currently owns and operates two vessels, named after the sled dogs of the "Nome serum" race fame -  the hard working, smaller MV Togo, and the more luxurious, larger MV Balto. Togo is a converted North Sea trawler, and Balto is an ice breaker built and operated by the Finnish government.

Ice Tramp's unrivalled global reputation stems from the owners' and crew's incomparably vast experience in the Arctic, having completed numerous scientific and private expeditions. Over the past decade Icetramp's clients included the NYU, Environment Canada, NASA, JPL, U.S.NAVY UWC, UCI, T.V and film companies, as well as host of private agents.

Togo Eigner-1 from BrandNewWorld/BelgradeDesignWeek on Vimeo.

Call Sign: E5U3385
Length: 31 meters
Beam: 7 meters
Draft: 4 meters
Tonnage: 187 GT ITC
Main Engine: Lister Blackstone EVS8MGR
Generators: a) Duetz GBL, b) NorPro 60Kw, c) IVECO
Cruising Speed: 9 knots
Fuel: 26 ton - range 26-30 days
Fresh Water: 15,000 l + water-makers
Tenders: Two MilPro F470 Zodiacs rated for 11 person


Charter sailing dates:

Diving with whales-Skjervoy -                         29/10 – 30/11

Christmas in the Fjords                                   21/12 – 28/12 

New Year under Northern lights                     28/12 – 04/01

Whales and Northern Lights                           04/01 – 11/01, 11/01 – 18/01,  18/01 – 25/01, 25/01 – 01/02, 01/02 – 08/02, 08/02 -15/02

Winter charters start and on Saturdays in Tromso. Sailing is Northern Norway’s fjords and islands, exact route dependent on location of the whales, and weather. 


Day 1: Welcome 

A nonstop flight from many EU cities, will take you above the Arctic Circle to Tromsø in Northern Norway. With a little luck, you will experience an amazing approach from your airplane seat. Snow-capped mountains surround deep blue fjords and in between you can see the sparkling lights of small villages. At the airport you will be welcomed and transferred into the city. While your luggage is taken care of and brought aboard our ship, you have some time for a stroll through the city. In the afternoon we will welcome you on board the MS Togo. In the evening, you start your Lofoten and Skjervoy cruise and again, with a bit of luck, you'll see your first polar lights dancing for you in the sky. lights dancing for you in the sky. 

Day 2 - 7: Norway Cruise in the Arctic light 

The Lofoten region in Fylke Nordland is considered one of the most scenic regions in Northern Europe. The archipelago comprises some 80 islands and amazes with wide, deep blue fjords, snow-covered mountains, the bluish light of the Norwegian winter season and rugged coasts. The spectacular landscape in the dramatic winter light offers a sheer endlessnumber of photo opportunities. The Orca and Humpback whales feeding in the fjords during winter season are plentiful and a common sight. In the evening, with a little luck, another highlight will be added - the aurora. The MS Togo will dock insmall fishing villages and the time of year will provide great light conditions for taking pictures. Great food, interesting stories on board complete the program.

Day 8: Travel home 

After breakfast on board, it's time to say goodbye to your floating home of the last days. Depending on the time of our flight back to Frankfurt, you still have the opportunity to stroll through Tromsø and buy a few souvenirs. Then it's time for the transfer to the airport and an eventful journey is coming to an end. Goodbye!