Brand new launch of Roxanich’s “Freedom by Nature” Wines in Switzerland

Roxanich Winery presented its innovative, honest natural winemaking for independent people for the first time in Zurich, available in Switzerland at

The strategically reinvented brand with its magnificent proposition of long aged, rare, natural wines from ancient Venetian lands was today officially presented at the Brand New World’s premises in Zürich, Switzerland, on February 8th 2022. Wine and design lovers from all over Switzerland gathered to be inspired by this genuine family affair: They saw Brand New World’s new design of the wines based on Petra Rožanić’s exhibition of paintings - the family artist who’s paintings have been the inspiration for the new labels, listened to Mladen Rožanić‘s personal philosophy and creation lecture - dedicated to the exclusive topic of “Wine Awakening”, and sampled the winery’s new “Freedom by Nature” communication.

Learn more about our label design in an article by 20min.