Vladimir Miladinovic Piki

Vladimir Miladinovic Piki is our lead photographer and cinematographer in charge of all BNW's photo and video productions, since 2006. And we wove never to change this!

Vladimir Miladinovic Piki holds a MA Degree in Photography from University of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He works actively as independent photographer since 2000, creating portraits, advertising campaigns, fashion photography and promotional videos for different prominent clients. He founded his Photo Studio PIKI in 2010. He participated in numerous independent art and documentary projects over the course of his career, co-Founder at PANORAMA Films Collective est. 2019. 

Milan Dragic

Team Content: Senior Graphic Designer and Art Director Milan Dragic

Tim Braithwaite

Team Content: BNW's Story Director Tim Braithwaite

Desanka Belancic

Team Content: Digital Content Lead Desanka Belancic

Marija Tucakovic

Team Content: Senior Digital Designer Marija Tucakovic