Architecture & Design

Architectural & Design Innovation have been a defining feature of societies since foundation / Changing to suit the needs and desires of the societies as they evolved.

This is the backdrop in front of which we invited Ora Ito to design the new black & white pack for Davidoff and a new kitchen range for Gorenje, Daniel Libeskind to develop the new master-plan for Belgrade’s Waterfront, Zaha Hadid to design the new BEKO development, Patrizia Urquiola to start a new chapter for the last paradise on the Mediterranean coast in Montenegro, and Norman Foster to come up with Inteko's innovative Orange Project in Moscow, among many other projects.

We introduced Bethan Laura Wood to Moroso, Panter & Tourron to Magis, Dante Goods & Beds and Tom Strala to Design/Miami Basel, produced the Adrien Rovero, Studio Drift, Bosch and Wilke, Studio Appetit and Buro Belem premiers in Milano, and presented approximately 300 more Greatest Global Creative Minds of the 21st Century on stages and to projects all over the world.

As you read this, ideas and connections forged at BNW are blossoming around the world.