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Brand New World Zürich presents the world preview of the paradigm-shifting 8mm thin Swiss HiFi Sound System HIDDEN at the Fourisalone in Milano.

HIDDEN is reinventing HiFi sound with the world’s thinnest, revolutionary audiophile speakers.

Featuring ground-breaking intelligibility and crystal clarity of sound, thanks to award winning DML Technology.


Available for hearing during regular opening hours from June 3rd - 13th 2022 at Bar Basso, Via Plinio 39, Milano.


Swiss quality hand-crafted sound system from sustainable materials, changing the laws of physics.

Creating absolutely no listening fatigue, with the depth of emotion of high-fidelity.

Founded in Zürich by Igor Radojević, Vesna Jelovac and Jovan Jelovac, designed by sound.

RSVP via press@brandnewworld.ch

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