Jovan Jelovac

Founder and Head of Brand

Jovan is the BRAND in BRAND NEW CAPITAL. He lives and works between Zurich, London, New York, Moscow, Berlin, Milan and Belgrade with his global brand creation, strategy and digital intelligence consultancy - Brand New World.

Educated as architect, trained as designer, typographer, impresario, producer and branding consultant, Jovan helps organisations of all sizes define their Purpose, Strategy and Value Proposition – clarifying why they exist, conveying the difference they make, and bringing their mission to life across all communication touch points. Jovan provides a highly differentiated platform for Brand New Capital and its partners - inviting leading creative and business minds of the 21st century together for discussions, project developments and events around the world.

Jovan’s rare combination of creative and business entrepreneurship makes Brand New Capital possible in the first place, and his reputation as a thought leader creates a unique opportunity for Brand New Capital and its partners to succeed at the highest levels.