Vesna Jelovac

Founder and Head of Market

Vesna is the NEW in BRAND NEW CAPITAL, not only representing the new generation of young and upcoming entrepreneurs in their thirties. She is the co-founder and communication expert at Brand New World AG Zürich and co-founder of Belgrade Design Week.

Graduated at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Serbia, Vesna is committed to communication development, promotion and encouraging design-led innovative projects and opportunities in all areas of  industries, as well with international and national institutional decision makers, cleverly combining the immense global knowledge and reach of BNW’s branding network, with the competitive advantages of a nascent digital marketing and software development business in Serbia.

Her work for Brand New Capital is the culmination of her twelve years career, combining her design thinking, business acumen and the possibilities of new media for market penetration and growth, while she simultaneously runs Brand New Capital’s Zürich showcase Labs.