Stevana Kosanović

Founder and Head of Finance


Born in 1982, Stevana has lived in St. Gallen, Switzerland since 1991, where she obtained a Masters in Finance and Accounting from the HSG.

She collected her first entrepreneurial experience with the start-up company ‘Asset4’ in Zug, pioneers in ESG ratings, for which she also worked in India, which was later taken over by Reuters. She then worked for 15 years in Zurich for major Swiss banks with Swiss C-level executives and entrepreneurs until the be- ginning of 2022, helping them in various financial areas from financing (debt and equity), hedging strategies to investments, to achieve their financial goals to meet customers.

Stevana has years of experience to recognize return opportunities, but also risks, and knows well what requirements Brand New World’s investors have.

Vesna Jelovac

Brand New Capital Vesna Jelovac

Jovan Jelovac

Brand New Capital Jovan Jelovac

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